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BLN Product Retailer Overview & Agreement 

This document serves as an agreement between Beauty Lifestyle Network (BLN) and the Retail Partner.


  • The Retail Partner will provide a unique product bundle deal that is exclusive to BLN. The duration of the deal will be for 6 months or until reserves for the Deal are sold out. The deal will include a minimum discount of 20% off of retail and an agreed number of bundles.

  • The Retail Partner will reserve the agreed number of bundles within their inventory for BLN sales.

  • The Retail Partner will provide BLN with five (5) of each product contained within the deal. BLN will utilize the products for Photos,  Promo / Marketing, and Product Testing.

  • The Retail Partner will provide three (3) customer video testimonials. Testimonials can be recorded with cell phones or tablets.

  • The Retail Partner will send a BLN provided customer-survey to current customers.

  • The Retail Partner will provide evidence of product claims (Before/After Photos, Clinical Test, etc.)

  • The Retail Partner will provide finished look photos.


The split between the Retail Partner and BLN will be as follows.


  • The Retail Partner will receive 70% of product deal bundle cost

  • BLN will receive 30% of product bundle deal cost 

  • The Retail Partner is responsible for all shipping costs.  Shipping is within continental US only.


Prior to the product bundle deal being available at the following must be completed.


  • On-boarding Questionnaire

  • Product Retailer Overview Meeting (Select Date

    • Create product bundle [Products/Sizes/Number Available/BLN Price(Retail-10%)/Length]

    • Setup Deliverables (Customer survey, Customer Testimonial Videos, Final Look Photos)

  • Five (5) of each product contained within the deal shipped to BLN


Product bundle deals will be sold, shipped, and delivered as follows.


  • The deal will be posted and sold online at

  • A direct link will be provided to the Retail Partner for promotional use,

  • When customers purchase products a payment and customer details will be sent to the Retail Partner.

  • The Retail Partners will ship products to customers in a timely manner.  BLN will provide shipping materials including shippers and stickers with packaging instructions.  The Retail Partner will ship package bundles as instructed.

  • The Retail Partner will provide tracking Information for all deliveries.

  • The Retail Partner will respond to BLN requests within one (1) business day during the duration of the deal.


The Retail Partner will do the following activities to promote the deal.

  • One (1) video interview

  • One (1) Live Q&A On social media

  • One (1) Live Webinar

The deal will be promoted through various BLN platforms including the following. 


  • BLN Marketing Partners,  Influencer Network and Ambassadors

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